Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Sexy Saturday~ #MSS66 A Sexy Date Night ~ by @AuthorAriel

It's that time again, time for My Sexy Saturday.

I am participating in this hop again this week. This is the 66th week and the theme is a sexy date night.

My sexy 7 paragraphs this week take place when my heroine Eve meets the dashing Mr. G for the first time--which also happens to be their very first date.

Here's the blurb:

Eve Parker never expects to be turned on by a man who comments on her erotic blog Pulse. After chatting online with the sensual Mr. G for a week, she breaks her rule about dating random strangers from the internet. Once they meet face to face, Eve is captivated by the enigmatic man. When the handsome Mr. G reveals his true identity—a vampire with the power to control her body and mind—she believes the magnetic pull between them may be an act of fate.

Here's the excerpt:

I walked into the bar and grill where we’d agreed to meet and glanced around the dimly lit space. Mr. G said he’d be wearing a suit with a red rose in the lapel. Given that no one in this part of the sticks wore a suit—unless they had a court date or a funeral to attend—I figured I’d be able to spot him immediately. Scanning the dining area I found he hadn’t arrived yet. I turned my head toward the bar to see if maybe he’d gotten here early and was enjoying a drink. Nope.

No sexy Adonis types in a suit at the bar.

“Just one sweetheart, or are ya meetin’ someone here?” The hostess asked me in a syrupy sweet drawl.

“Um, I’m meeting someone, but I don’t think he’s here yet.”

“No problem. I can get ya seated and…Oh, my gawd!” I watched as her blue eyes widened at something that appeared to be behind me. The woman’s mouth formed the shape of an O but no sound came out.

What the hell?

I turned around and as I did, awareness tingled throughout my body as sure as if I’d stuck a fork into an electrical socket.

Before me stood the dark haired stud of my fantasies. No longer just a figment of my imagination, he was real and right in front of me. And he was wearing a suit that looked as though it had been custom made for him. In the left lapel pocket, a red rose bud peeked out.

Mr. G had arrived.

“You must be Eve,” he said to me.

That voice. It was like pure silk and sex and the finest, smoothest chocolate all rolled into one.

I couldn’t speak. Just like the hostess, Mr. G had rendered me mute with his sexual magnetism.

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