Saturday, December 27, 2014

What Does 2015 Hold?

I've neglected my blog and social media profiles for a bit now. I was hoping to use the last two months of this year to write a new novella, but I haven't written in a loooong time.

Thanksgiving, promotions during the months of November and December, along with the general hectic pace of the holiday season, dashed all hope of any form of productivity from me.

The good thing is, I have lots of story ideas...and now I'm trying to prioritize my writing time for next year. This is the perfect time for goal-setting, and my hope is to get as many of those ideas into books as possible in 2015.

I'll resume my Tempting Tuesday posts in early January and by February I hope to have a work-in-progress to share with my blogging audience. I'm looking forward to a lot of things in 2015, like the arrival of flying cars and hooverboards ;)

Seriously, here's to a safe New Year's, having someone to kiss at midnight and remembering not to drink too much champagne!

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