Friday, February 27, 2015

#MySexySaturday ~ My Sexy Addiction ~ Red by @AuthorAriel #MSS81

Today I'm sharing an excerpt from my current release Red as part of the My Sexy Saturday weekly promotion. 
This week's theme is My Sexy Addiction and the below scorching excerpt is all about addiction of the physical kind. I hope you enjoy this sexy snippet.

Recently dumped and unemployed Jo May returns to her grandmother’s cabin on the Michigan Upper Peninsula to find her childhood friend Luke Herrera has transformed from an awkward lanky boy to a confident handsome man. As a snow storm rolls in off of Lake Superior the two become trapped together in the cabin. Alone in the close quarters, desires unfold and secrets come to light. When Jo learns what Luke really is, can she accept that she might be snowed in with a dangerous mythological predator?

He lapped at the slick folds of my pussy until he was back at my entrance again. That big, talented tongue plunged into me. His two fingers stroked my clit with a scissoring motion. He drilled me with his tongue and I lost what was left of my control.

I pushed my hips toward him and rocked back and forth. Judging by the guttural sounds emitting from Luke, gyrating against his face while he was eating me out was a turn on for him. His fingers dug into my hip as he held me harder. It was a huge turn on to know that a man was aroused from pleasuring me. 

That was what pushed me over the edge. The knowledge that Luke enjoyed this almost as much as I did.

With my face still pressed into the pillows, I opened my mouth and screamed. My climax was long and intense. I bucked and twitched as though struck by high-voltage electricity.

When it was over, Luke kissed my inner thighs and stroked the backs of my legs. I shivered, but not because I was cold. There was something about his touch that unraveled me, but it was more than just physical. This was Luke…my best childhood friend. He knew me inside and out.

Although it surprised me that he’d given me the best orgasm of my life, I supposed it shouldn’t have. It was sort of natural that he’d be the one. In a way it made sense that our relationship would progress from friends to lovers. 

I only wondered how long and how gradual that transition would’ve been if we hadn’t been trapped together during the snow storm.

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