Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tempting Tuesday--Throwback Edition Part 2

I hope everyone enjoyed last week's Throwback Edition, in which I featured such hotties as Luke Perry and Jared Leto. This week's Tempting Tuesday theme is lead singers of 90s alt bands...these sexy dudes are all about tattoos, piercings and leather arm cuffs. Yes, please!
A Jay Popoff, the front man of Lit rocked the mic and killer sideburns.

Gavin Rossdale had all the swoon-worthy qualities of a rock star: luscious curly hair, brooding good looks and a British accent.

Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath was the perfect mischievous, tattooed hottie.

Oh, Shifty from Crazy Town with your facial piercings, guy-liner, black finger nails and tattoos, you always look as though you could give a girl the hottest, dirtiest shag of her life. 

See you next Tuesday :)

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