Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tempting Tuesday--Release Day Edition!

The day has finally arrived! Today my erotic paranormal Pulse released! Since this is Tuesday, I'm sharing an excerpt from the short story below...

Here's the blurb: 

Eve Parker never expects to be turned on by a man who comments on her erotic blog Pulse. After chatting online with the sensual Mr. G for a week, she breaks her rule about dating random strangers from the internet. Once they meet face to face, Eve is captivated by the enigmatic man. When the handsome Mr. G reveals his true identity—a vampire with the power to control her body and mind—she believes the magnetic pull between them may be an act of fate.

Here's the snippet:

"Come with me."

Helping me from the car, he led me toward the massive oak that sat along the riverbank. I let him guide me so that my back leaned against the wide base of the tree. Spanish moss hung low from the branches, surrounding our bodies like a curtain.

I ground against him as he caressed his way down my neck. He again licked the column from just under my jaw to my collarbone. When I felt the tips of his teeth scrape along my skin I arched involuntarily, my head slamming against the trunk.

He slipped his fingers into my panties and stroked over my clit, sliding lower to dip into the entrance of my cleft. His fingers plunged into me, gliding in and out while his mouth continued its sweet torture on my neck and chest.

Mmm. Someone likes to play rough,” he murmured against my jaw.

Too wiped out from my orgasm to speak I looked him in the eyes and gave him my best hell yeah expression.

He removed his fingers from my depths and brought them to his mouth. Even in the shadowy light, I could tell they were glistening.

“That’s what I like to feel. Completely. Wet.” With a few flicks of his tongue he licked my juices off his fingers. “And so tasty. I bet you’re tasty everywhere.”

His voice had lowered to that seductive purr again and I felt helpless to look away from his stare.

“I’m going to taste you.”

I nodded weakly. Based on how the evening had progressed to this point, I was sure I’d thoroughly enjoy whatever he had in mind.

He planted those luscious lips at the base of my throat. His hand slid down my shoulder and found my breast. Plumping the globe with his palm, he reshaped it in his hand. Grazing my nipple with his thumb, he circled my distended flesh.

Using those talented fingers of his, he plucked my nipple, pinching harder and harder until I cried out from both the pleasure and pain. He chose the exact moment of my shrill moan to bite my neck.

The pain was exquisite.

A soft slurping sound filled the air. Mr. G’s mouth was a sweet suction on my neck, his teeth still firmly embedded in my skin.

I knew what he was taking from me. I knew that he was drawing my blood into his mouth and somewhere on some level I knew that I wanted this from him.

I liked this. The sting of his teeth, oh, fuck who was I kidding—his fangs—in my skin. I needed this erotic exchange between the two of us just as much as he did. More intimate than simply fucking, more sensual than the most intimate caress.

I was in him. A part of him. I sustained him. When he bit my flesh I clenched around his fingers, my entire body jerking with release.

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